Our Rules:

  • 2 players per team
  • First shot is determined by a flip of a coin
    The famous NB WASHER CUP coin toss RULE: The team who wins the coin toss will get to decide

    • 1- which side they want
    • 2- Which side their opponent will be on .
    • 3- if they wants to throw first or last.
    • 4- Get to pick the washers color
  •  One player per team at each end. Once playing sides/opponent are chosen there can be no changing sides for the best of 3.
  •  There will be 3 washers per team thrown consecutively at each end.
  •  All throws must be taken from behind the front of each box, which means you can stand beside the box but your toes cannot cross the front of it.
    ** until you release your washer, both feet can’t pass the front of the box.
  • Overhand throws ARE allowed.
  • No skunk.
  • The team to score last throws first in the next round.
  • If your team won the game, you will throw first on the next game.
  • We are providing the washers, you can’t bring your own.
  • Once a washer is thrown, you can’t touch or re-adjust the box until both team have thrown all washers for that round.
  • Fist Pump are allowed at our tournaments :)
  • Points:
    • Washer in the pipe is worth 3 points
    • Washer in box is worth 2 points.

      •  Washers outside the box do not count for any points for this tournament.
      • – A washer that remains on the ledge of the box after all 6 washers have been thrown shall be treated as if it is in the box and is worth 2 points
      • – A washer that remains on the ledge of the pipe after all 6 washers have been thrown shall be treated as if it is in the pipe and is worth 3 points


  • A higher point toss cancels out a lower point toss (1 pipe toss will cancel out 1 toss in the box; Ex. Team A throws one in the pipe and Team B throws one in the box. Team A scores 3 pts and Team B none.
  • If higher tosses are equaled then scoring goes to lower tosses.
    • Ex. Each team has 1 washer in the pipe. They cancel each other out. Team A has 1 in the box = 2 pts. Team A wins with 2 points.
  • Equal tosses cancel each other out and no pts are awarded.
  • Washers that bounce into scoring positions count.
  • Games go to 21 (First to 21, you do NOT have to win by 2, and you do NOT have to land exactly on 21)

Boxes Specification:

  • Boxes are placed 20 ft apart measured pipe center to pipe center
  • Box Height (inside) = 5.5″
  • Box Width (Inside) = 12″
  • Pipe is 5″ High and 4″ inside diameter.
    • ** Boxes can be off measurement by 1/8″ to “1/4”.

Washers Specification:

  • 1″ Hole Washers (large washers)
  • 2.5″ diameter
  • Washer Weight regulation for the NB WASHER CUP tournament 80g-95g. All 6 washers will have the matching weight.